Easily design and send beautiful
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emails using AWS SES

Build responsive email templates using drag and drop that works across clients. Send your emails via your Amazon SES account using few lines of code.

Connect your AWS SESYour first 100 emails is on us. No credit card needed!
EmailKick drag and drop dashboard

Hassle free API that does all the work for you.

Stop writing endless code and services to send simple emails.
Emailkick API handles all the 💩 work to make sure your email reaches your user. From HTML generation to sending email using AWS SES

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After Emailkick

"We shipped our email infrastructure in a day thanks to Emailkick. We're now sending emails to thousands of our customers without taking days of development to integrate AWS SES."

Magdy AshrafCo-Founder & CEO, Potafo

Create email designs in minutes

Design beautiful web and mobile emails without writing any code. Our drag and drop builder gives you total freedom, letting you build pixel-perfect, responsive designs.

emails designed using emailkick
emails designed using emailkickemails designed using emailkick
emails designed using emailkickemails designed using emailkick
emails designed using emailkick

Send an email with a few lines of code

Get up and running today. We have a robust set of APIs and comprehensive documentation so you can spend less time adding email into your app and more time building cool stuff.

curl --location --request 
 POST 'https://api.emailkick.com/mail/send' 
--data-raw '{
    "APIKEY"      : "<<YOUR-APIKEY>>",
    "ACCESSID"    : "<<YOUR ACCESSID>>",
    "to"          : "someone@example.com",
    "from"        : "hi@yourdomain.com",
    "templateId"  : "<<TEMPLATE_ID>>",
    "variables"   : {
        "full_name" : "Elon Musk" ,
        "company"   : "spacex"
Testimonial by Boby Isac

"Emailkick allows anyone to create beautiful email templates easily. Our team has been loving it. The whole setup process was fast and easy and we got started in no time"

Bobby Isac Founding member, Early stage startup
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Unsubscriber Management

Emailkick allows you to add unsubscription link to any outgoing emails without any programming on your end. You can enable this in your template setting.

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Dynamic Templates

Change the contents of your email easily with dynamic text with Emailkick. Send curated emails to your users.

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Secure Infrastructure

All our code and databases are stored in secure AWS server. We make sure our security protocols are of high standards

Manage all your email templates and get the history of the emails sent

Design, edit and manage all your email templates in one place. Design emails for every use case and get a comprehensive overview of every email you send. See the timeline, status, and more.

Learn more about template manager →
at*****92@example.com 2 mins ago
Welcome Email
Email Sent
yy*****oq@gmail.com 4 days ago
Email validation mail
as*****bz@x.com 1 mins ago
Payment Invoice
Email Amazon AWS SES connection

Seamlessly Connect to AWS SES.

Cut your email delivery cost to a fraction using Amazon Web Service Simple Email Service. It takes just seconds to connect.

Want to use Emailkick with existing email provider?

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