Design emails that people love to take action

Improve your email conversion with aesthetically appealing designs.

emails designed using emailkick
emails designed using emailkickemails designed using emailkick
emails designed using emailkickemails designed using emailkick

Design block System

Work with pre-designed block to create emails faster

Manage Your Content

Add your text, links and images to any pre-designed modules using the drag and drop editor.

Mobile Friendly

Your emails will look great on both desktop and mobile

Cloud Image Hosting

Host images on our server and optimise.

On demand Email Preview

Check and confirm email designs before sending.

Retina Ready

No more blurry images. Your graphics and texts stay sharp!

Works on all the email clients

We have designed and tested our design blocks to work on all the top email clients so that you don't have to worry about it.

Yahoo mail
Gmail Android
Apple Mail
AOL Mail
Office 365
iPad Mail
iPhone Mail
Windows Mail

Made for all modern
screen sizes.

Managing styles and HTML that work across different clients is hard and time-consuming. We'll help you manage these workloads and make them simple.

responsive email

Everything you need to send dynamic emails to your users

personalized emails

Personalize your Emails

Send personalized emails to every users using dynamic variables.

editor data structures

Work with different data structures

With a click of a button, you can turn any design module into an iterative data module. Send a list of products for an invoice or group of new supporters in a community through the API and Emailkick will convert it into stackable blocks.

One place to manage all your email templates

From Welcome emails to forget passwords to invoices. Manage all your templates in one place. Change anytime on the fly without changing your applications backend code.

Learn more about template manager →
emailkick template manager

Connect to AWS SES and start sending good looking emails

Also, Cut your email delivery cost to a fraction using Amazon Web Service Simple Email Service. It takes just seconds to connect.